La quadrature du cercle, 50 x 120 cm, plastic box and strap

Twisting handle, 30 x 180 cm, carabiner, survival blanket, woodstick and brick

Twisting handle, 30 x 180 cm, mousqueton, couverture de survie, bâton de bois et brique

Performing sculpture episode 2, outside view

Tu vois c'est simple, 6 x 8 x 240 cm, carabiner, wood and strap

Episode 2 Kunstverein

Of threads, parkour and potential energy

Silvia Simoncelli: Steadiness and precariousness seem to be the two opposite poles acting simultaneously in your works. Where does your interest in this dichotomy stem from?

Simon Deppierraz: In your question you said “two opposite poles acting simultaneously”. I like this idea of duality. For me there’s a kind of energy in this relationship between elements. I like the force of the wind, strong and invisible. This opposition of two poles is present everywhere and I think that every system needs and looks for balance.

SS: Your installations often appear as force fields traced in space. What is the relation between the bodily action of realizing your works and their final image?

SD: Traces are interesting. With only one move you can write something ephemeral or persistent. Some lines like a way in the mountain need a lot of walkers to become a trace. In my work sometimes the force is deployed and sometimes the force is restrained . It’s an idea of potential energy or a stand by. I need to be active to create my works. After a first  moment of reflection, I bring staff and work in the exhibition space. A lot of my work are experimental. I’m really happy when the physical force used for the construction transform itself in an image of power.

SS: Which are the main features attracting your attention in a room, before you start working in the space for a site specific installation?

SD: When I have a new place to exhibit in, my first step is to analyse the architecture and I try to have information about the history of the place. I try to find a context and work with it. The visitor will be in front of my subjective point of view of the space. For me the aim is to create a situation for introspection and extrospection.

Interview with Silvia Simoncelli